Parallel Twin Screw Extruder Pelletizer
Parallel Twin Screw Extruder Pelletizer
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PVC Pelletizer

PVC Pelletizing Machine

PVC Granulator

PVC Granulating Machine

Our PVC Pelletizing machines are the result of more than 20 years of activity in manufacturing counter rotating parallel twin-screw extruders within a range of Ø 45 to 175 mm.

Thanks to our long-term experience and spurred on by the need to cater to the ever-changing requirements of our customers, we have improved the quality and performances of our machines, implementing them in terms of energy efficiency and versatility to process various rigid and plasticized PVC formulations.

Pelletizing process:

SJP series parallel twin screw extruder----Air-cooling hot face cutting----3 or 4-stage cyclone separator ---- vibrator ---- material tank.

Our PVC pelletizers have the following features:

1. High energy efficiency with low kw/kg ratio.

2. According to customer production capacity requirement, we can supply twin screw extruder from 45 to 175mm, most popular models are SJP90/23, SJP115/23, SJP115/28, SJP135/26….

3. PVC pelletizing die head and cutting system.

4. 3 or 4 stage air transferring and cooling device (All tank and transferring tube are made with double layer with circulation cooling water inside, or with sound insulation treatment)

5. Vibrator with dust sieving device.

Pictures of pelletizer main extruder:

Pictures of pelletizer down stream:
Parallel twin screw extruder pelletizer:
  • SJP115/23 parallel twin screw extruder pelletizer
  • SJP115/28 parallel twin screw extruder pelletizer
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